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Are you expected to make sales, render a service, deal with difficult customers and communicate effectively with suppliers, colleagues and business associates? Do you feel that your career prospects are hindered by a lack of suitable skills, including English language usage?


If your answer is "yes" to any of the above, then look no further than the Four Module WriteSmarter Business Writing Course. This online course takes four to six months to complete. Your skills set is developed step by step from concepts to final drafts under the guidance of an experienced business mentor.


A key area of our teaching method is the use of solutions to business scenarios relating to a diverse, multi-cultural business world, as well as regular assignments with personalised feedback regarding every aspect of your writing. Based on our market research we designed our course material to also be accessible to second language speakers. As a result of the comprehensive feedback we only accept a limited number of new students every month.  


You need:

- Access to a computer, email and the internet.

- The desire to work smart and become successful.   


WriteSmarter offers you:

- Affordable payment options (enquire here).

- Feedback by a business professional within seven days.

- Enough time to complete your course at your own pace.

- Extra time at no additional cost, if needed. 

A full money back guarantee. 


LIVE HELP: If you’d like to get help or have any queries please email info@writesmarter.co.za to schedule a SKYPE call with John WriteSmarter