WriteSmarter:  Business Writing - FAQs


What are the benefits?  

Excellent business writing skills get the intended meaning across first time, thereby creating a great first impression. It reduces misunderstandings which results in satisfied employers, colleagues, business associates and clients. These core skills enhance your marketability and career prospects. 


What do I need to enrol?

You must have easy access to a computer, an email account and the internet. 


How much time will I have to spend on the course material?

Generally speaking, two to four hours per week. However, we understand that life happens, so we don't enforce timelines, the idea is that you should finish the course and benefit from it.


How do I pay for the course and do you offer a payment plan? 

Apart from the discounted single payment option, we offer a choice of multiple payment plans. However, if there is some other way to help you structure your finance, we can always discuss a payment plan to suit your needs. When you make an enquiry you will receive the payment plans and banking details.


What is your money back guarantee all about?

If, by the end of your course, you feel that the course was a waste of time, you can get all your money back.


How is the course conducted?

All our communication is by email, making it easier for you to do the course at your convenience. Apart from studying the modules, you will complete a number of assignments and writing exercises which you will submit in an M/S Word format for personalised review. Detailed feedback using track changes and comment blocks is provided within seven days of submission of your assignment.


Can I do it from home?

The course is done by email so it really doesn’t matter where you are.


Are there fixed starting times or can I start when I'm ready?

You learn at your own pace and in your own free time. And as it is all done electronically, you can start anytime to suit you. 


Will I have to print the course notes?

You will not be required to print anything for this course unless you want to keep paper copies.


Will this course help me with the format and presentation of different types of documents?

Our course will show you the correct format and essentials on how to prepare any business letter. In addition, we include specific details regarding Sales, Requests, Fundraising, Advice, Reference, Complaint, Apology and Reprimand letters.


How does a business letter differ from an email?

Business letters are more formal communications usually directed to a senior person about weighty issues with potentially serious ramifications. Emails are more commonly used for everyday communication between work colleagues and business contacts and cover more routine issues. 


What is the formula for success? 

The desire to become an accomplished writer/communicator in whatever field you want to specialise in. Available time and commitment to complete all the modules with focus and concentration. 


LIVE HELP: If you’d like to get help or have any queries please email info@writesmarter.co.za to schedule a SKYPE call with John WriteSmarter