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Why would enrolling for a business writing course benefit me?

- Are you expected to make sales, render a service of any kind, deal with difficult customers, suppliers and colleagues, make hard decisions regarding orders, contracts and appointments, compile and write reports, take accurate and effective minutes, write letters of recommendation or dismissal, and communicate effectively with suppliers, colleagues and business associates? 

- Do you ever feel that your career prospects or growth of your business are hindered by a lack of suitable business and communication skills, perhaps even your use of business language? 

- Are you being overlooked at promotion time due to a lack of suitable writing and communication skills?

- Are you pressed for time and looking for an effective short course to boost your writing skills?  

Then a WriteSmarter course is just what you need.


Which business writing course should I enrol for?

All the courses offered by WriteSmarter are designed to develop your skills step by step, from concepts to final drafts. 

- Start with a solid Basic Business Writing Skills Course during which you will master the principles of good writing and learn how to use MS Word effectively.

- Build on that by choosing additional short courses, i.e. Minute taking, Report writing, the Power of effective emails, or Formal business letter writing.

- Or you can read up about the courses on offer and then choose the course that you feel will best add to your current skills set. The choice is all yours!

Once you've decided, enrol for the course that suits you and your budget.


What you need:

- Access to a computer, email and the internet.

- The desire to work smart and become successful.   


 How will I be taught business writing skills for the real business world?

- In order to equip you with the best business writing and communication skills we focus on the use of solutions to business scenarios relating to a diverse, multi-cultural business world, complemented by quality study material written in clear English.

- Written assignments must be submitted regularly by you in order to ensure that you work towards your goals.

- We give well considered, personalised feedback using comment blocks and track changes directly in your assignment as this helps to formulate your responses resulting in clearer thinking and writing in the future.

- All assignments are marked and returned within seven days to make sure that you do not lose interest.

- Feedback by mentors / tutors is not only comprehensive, but also sympathetic, helping to make you a leading business communicator. 


What are the benefits of doing a WriteSmarter Business Writing Course?

Affordable payment plans to suit your budget.

- Detailed course notes with specific instructions and self help tasks culminating in assignments that you must complete for evaluation and feedback.

- Comprehensive, easy to understand, and logical feedback by a business professional within seven days of submitting an assignment.

- Sufficient time to complete your course within the set parameters.

- A full money back guarantee, in case you feel that the course did not live up to your expectations.  


LIVE HELP: If you need further help with your decision, or have any further queries, please email us  or schedule a SKYPE call with John WriteSmarter.