Business Writing

Power of Email Short Course

Why are emails so important in business?

- Emails get the job done virtually instantaneously in most cases - there is little time wasted as would be the case in trying to phone or send a fax/letter.

- They tend to cover more routine issues and are commonly used for everyday communication between work colleagues and business contacts. 

- They can also form a convenient and effective "paper trail" of your dealings with colleagues, suppliers and business associates. 


How will emails make my job easier and me better at doing my job?

- Emails are quick and efficient and put all the relevant parties in touch simultaneously - and yet can be easily personalised for one-on-one interactions.

- Emails can be used as a tool to track and monitor progress of outstanding tasks - both for you and those people you are managing.

- And every email is date stamped so you can see who is behind schedule - and take corrective action timeously.


How do I write better business emails?

- Emails should be brief, clear and unambiguous - so as to avoid misunderstandings.

- Business emails must never be used to discuss personal issues as their careless use can cause much damage to your business - and your reputation. 

- Emails must be tactful and written so the reader does not take offence. 

- Stick to the essentials and the topic of the email - and discuss only one topic per email. 



·       Get to understand email structure and format.

·       Study different types of emails.

·       Complete exercises relevant to the content of the module.

·       Complete tasks for submission and feedback.

The course is well suited to newcomers to the business world as well as established business people who want to polish their skills. A key area of our teaching method is the use of examples, assignments and solutions to scenarios. Well written emails are powerful business tools and our course will provide you with all the skills and feedback you need.


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