Business Writing

Formal Letter Writing Short Course

Business letters are formal communications usually directed to a senior person about weighty issues with potentially serious ramifications for the business and your career. Business letters must be well organized and well written, to the point yet polite, never long-winded, condescending or high-handed.



- create an excellent first impression.

- get the intended meaning across first time.

- reduce misunderstandings.

- enhance your marketability.



·       Get to understand formal letter writing and format.

·       Study different typical business letters.

·       Complete exercises relevant to the content of the module.

·       Complete tasks for submission and feedback.


Well developed business writing skills lead to a congenial workplace as well as better employment opportunities, promotions and successes for you. This course will teach you the impact of well chosen words on prominent business contactsAttention to tone, content, grammar and sentence structure is of the greatest importance when writing that all important formal business letter.


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