Business Writing

Minute Taking Short Course

Why is the importance of good minutes and to be a great minute taker?

- Minutes must document the information that was provided during a meeting in a logical and easy to understand form.

- Minutes must be prepared and written in such a manner that future actions can be taken in accordance with the decisions that were made at the meeting. 


How can I become a great minute taker?

- Preparation is the key to success.

- You must know what the meeting is about and what outcomes the participants are hoping to achieve.

- You have to remain impartial and record all debates and decisions accurately and succinctly.


We will show you how to develop excellent listening skills and the ability to write fast, accurately and clearly. 


Course content:

  • Preparing for a meeting
  • Compiling agendas etc
  • Key concepts and essential elements
  • Drafting efficiently and accurately
  • Developing critical listening and analysis skills
  • Complying with legal requirements
  • Understanding the structure and management of committees and meetings

A key area of our teaching method is the use of examples, assignments and solutions to business scenarios relating to the South African work environment.


The Minute Taking Course comprises theory as well as self-assessment tasks with model answers. In addition there are assignments that you must submit for personalized comments and feedback which will be in your inbox within seven days. The modules and feedback are motivational and designed to encourage you. Our course will provide you with all the tools and feedback you need to be successful.


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