WriteSmarter: Creative Writing Course

Eight Module Plan


Module 1:  Points of Departure

- Study the Golden Rules for a successful story.

- Analyse the requirements of your target market.

- Master five practical writing secrets.

- Learn from the opposition.

- Switch on the ideas machine …

ASSIGNMENT: Utilise story sparks and free writing.


Module 2:  Planning & Preparation

- Expand your vocabulary, power of expression and language usage.

- Study the five components of a successful story.

- Find out how to apply the three acts formula.

- Learn from successful storylines.

- Explore the story framework.

ASSIGNMENT: Create story material using the Five Minute Method and the Story Plan.


Module 3:  Characters & Dialogue

- WRITING AID: Develop convincing, exciting, living, breathing characters.

- Utilise the connections between character and plot.

- Find your characters’ “own voice”.

- Study guidelines for effective dialogue and practice them.

ASSIGNMENT:  Develop a lifelike character with an own agenda, dreams and fears.


Module 4:  Setting & Point of View

- Determine the impact of setting on a story.

- Choose and develop a setting that will further your plot.

- Study the secrets of point of view.

- Experiment with different points of view.

ASSIGNMENT:  Apply the principles of point of view.


Module 5:  Strong Beginnings

- Find out where and how a scene begins and ends.

- Explore the conditions for effective scenes.

- Utilise the building blocks of a strong manuscript: ten winning scenes, show and tell, etc.

- Learn to write an opening scene that WORKS.

- Find out how an effective first chapter is put together.

ASSIGNMENT: Write a strong beginning.


Module 6:  Develop a Scene Plan

- Plan a convincing, conflict-riddled plot.

- Structure your story with a chapter plan.

- WRITING AID: Simplify the writing process with a scene plan.

- Find out how to complete your manuscript with stimulus and response.

ASSIGNMENT: Write a complete scene utilising stimulus and response.


Module 7:  Cliffhangers & Jump Cuts

- Apply winning techniques to create winning scenes.

- Structure effective scenes.

- Plan and write a motivated ending.

- Develop and write effective cliffhangers.

- Utilise jump cuts and leaps in time.

ASSIGNMENT: Apply jump cuts and cliffhangers.


Module 8:  Publishers & Contracts

- Editing and structuring.

- Liven up your writing style with clean-cut metaphors.

- Write a killer cover letter and synopsis.

- Find out about publishers and contracts.

- Make it as a REAL author …

ASSIGNMENT:  Complete a winning submission including a cover letter, synopsis and manuscript.