WriteSmarter Creative Writing Course

Become a published writer with WriteSmarter

- Do you fantasize about admiring your own novel in the bookstores?

- Have you submitted a manuscript to a publisher and received no feedback?

- Do you feel that a lack of know-how and guidance is holding you back? 

- In short, are you looking for a top online novel writing program presented by an award-winning course leader to take your writing to the next level?


Here is the answer:

The WriteSmarter Creative Writing Course is designed to lead you step by step from finding a suitable story spark to a completed manuscript. The ultimate goal is publication of your novel or short story by a reputable publisher or magazine: one who will reward you for your efforts by getting your story on the bookshelves and paying you royalties.


You need:

The desire to become an accomplished writer. 

Easy access to a computer and email.



- Quality course material and writing aids you will refer to many times during your career.

- Detailed, personalised feedback and guidance by an experienced writer/editor on all aspects of your writing, within seven days of submitting your assignment.

- Sympathetic treatment, as we too were aspiring writers once.

- The opportunity to start anytime that suits you, as you work on a one to one basis with your tutor.

- Enough time to complete your writing course and manuscript at your own pace.  

- Affordable payment plans and, as a mark of our confidence in this program, a money back guarantee, in case you don't feel happy with the quality of the course material or feedback. 


Do you wonder why a creative writing program is at all important? 

First, the publishing industry has become so specialized it's not easy for aspiring writers to be successful. Second, publishers are in the publishing business and just can’t afford the time and the effort to tutor and help develop new authors. Third, at WriteSmarter we share our expertise and business contacts with our student writers in order to help place promising manuscripts.


Overall, the idea is to enhance your confidence and develop your technical skills in a planned and 

systematic manner. The Eight Module Plan, combined with clear, easy to understand feedback, is the way forward. Why hesitate? Enroll now and get your book down on paper.