WriteSmarter Creative Writing Course

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WriteSmarter Creative Writing Course

Give wings to your writing dream!


Only until 5 December 2107


Our guarantee: 

* Course material that is interesting, informative and easy to understand.

* Detailed, personalised feedback on your assignments within seven days.

* You can get all your money back if you feel that your course was disappointing.

You may begin immediately, or whenever it suits you in the new year.

Creative Writing Course (8 modules)

You learn how to write magazine stories, short stories and/or a full-length novel.  


2018 prices:

Once-off:                            R6 125

Per module/month:            R825


*Your extra special 2017 Year-End Prices:

Once-off:                             R4 595        

Per module/month:             R620  

Only until 5 December 2017

* You will receive your course material almost immediately after you paid the full amount or the first repayment. You may start immediately, or whenever it suits you in the new year.

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The offer is valid only until 5 December 2017